Since 2007, right after I got laid off from my $55,000 per year corporate job…..I’ve had great success with creating a full time income working on the internet with various network marketing companies and affiliate programs. But from 2007 to 2012, I never really had that BIG breakthrough in my business. I always capped out my income to no more than $4,000 a month and could never break that barrier. For most people $4,000 a month is a life changer and tons of people can quit their jobs if they were making that in their home based business.

And although I was grateful for going from collecting $1,200 a month in unemployment checks, food stamps and medicaid….to earning $4,000 a month with my online home based business and kicking the government help to the curb, I still felt that I was worth more. I just didn’t know how to breakthrough, but I knew it was possible.

Then in 2012, I had my breakthrough. I finally hit 6 figures in my online business venture. What an amazing feeling and accomplishment that was. All the years of hard work, frustration and sleepless nights were finally paying off. Not so much because I found a ‘secret’….but because I developed my mindset and certain skill sets that took me to the next level.

Now my passion is teaching and coaching other network marketing professionals who want to learn how to leverage systems, tools, training, and techniques that will catapult their business to new heights.

I’ve been in the trenches, and now I bring what I have learned to you.

Are you ready for it?



Getting new members is easy when you know how to do it the right way without spamming.

As you can see from this image, I personally sponsored 1-3 new members on the front end of the attraction marketing system that I use and highly recommend called MLSP (My Lead System Pro).

And also converted members into an affiliate program that I have in the back office of MLSP.

When you’re getting 1-3 sales a day, you’re business will never be the same…and neither will your life.

You can do this too!



Crushing Leader Boards?

There’s a very specific reason why I’m at the #2 spot for ALL TIME active members in this affiliate program and why I’m #1 for the past 90 days and 7 days.

There is also a very specific reason why some of my tribe members (The Victory Tribe) are right there with me crushing leader boards.

You see, if you want your team to win, you have to first me a winner.

Success leaves clues!

If you want to crush your leader boards as well, then I would recommend you get my coaching that I have available for you down below.


$25K in 90 Days

Within 3 months of using this system, I have already earned $25,000 in affiliate commissions.

Of that, $9,600 is in monthly residual income.

I don’t show these screen shots to brag and boast about how awesome I am when it comes to getting results, I share them with you to inspire you to take action and to show you what’s possible for you.

Success is just a simple decision away.

You have to decide that you want results, then go out there and produce them.




My Areas of Expertise


Google Plus

Email Marketing













Time Management

Story Telling


“I found Lisa on the internet after months of struggling in my business. Her presence really resonated with me and I was stuck to her like super glue. We connected on Facebook and after an amazing conversation, I decided to join her marketing team because I saw they were crushing it! I joined her team at 9:30am and at 4:22pm had my FIRST SIGN-UP!”

Brittany Keller

Network Marketer, Follow me here.

“Lisa’s enthusiasm, training and leadership has given me a brand new approach to running my business online. Not only am I having more success, but I am enjoying what I do so much more than before. She helped me realize and understand that I am so much more than a “product pusher” in this industry. I’m so excited about the future and know that the sky is the limit!”

Livvy Cunningham

Network Marketer, Follow me here.

“After just a few short weeks as part of the “The Victory Tribe” inside of the MLSP Mastery program, I’ve gone from someone who treated their biz like a hobby and accomplished NOTHING, to someone who now wakes up each day with the specific purpose and plan to work their business like a business. A huge shout out to Lisa Torres for the leadership.

Mary Emmer

Network Marketer, Follow me here.

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